Dr. Elizabeth Baird

Dr. Elizabeth Baird

Dr. Baird is a second-generation Florida native from Dunedin. She studied at the University of South Florida and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and attended the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida where she graduated with honors.

A strong advocate of professional enrichment and continuing education, Dr. Baird participates in a variety of seminars and educational clinics each year. She is a member and active participant in the county, state, and national veterinary associations, the Veterinary Information Network, International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, the American Veterinary Dental Society and World Vets.

Dr. Baird has accumulated a variety of experiences during her more than 20 years in practice, from small animal clinics to large corporately owned hospitals, emergency veterinary medicine and services to the humane society. While she enjoys all aspects of small animal and exotic pets medicine, Dr. Baird’s particular interests include skin and ear disease, internal medicine, preventive healthcare, analgesia and pain management, dentistry, and soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Baird and the Country Oaks Animal Hospital staff are active in the community and support such groups as the Pinellas Animal Foundation, SPCA of Tampa Bay, Humane Society of Pinellas, Suncoast Animal League and various breed rescue groups. She and several of the hospital staff are certified through the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) as a veterinary response team for emergencies & disasters.

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Press Release; 12/1/2013
Country Oaks Animal Hospital of Palm Harbor proudly announces that Dr. Elizabeth F. Baird completed specialty certification in animal pain management by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM.org). Dr. Baird’s interest in the subject predates its evolution into a specialty in veterinary medicine. She becomes one of 58 Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioners in the world, and one of only 40 in the United States.

Dr. Baird plans to expand her pain management services at Country Oaks Animal Hospital and to instruct other interested veterinary professionals as well. She also plans to continue her advanced training by expanding into the field of canine rehabilitation and sports medicine.

The pain management certification process involves extensive post-graduate classroom education, preparation and documentation of actual patient case reports, including Board review and approval, and a final board examination. Candidates study extensively such subjects as veterinary anesthesia, neurology, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and acupuncture. Dr. Baird completed the certification in just two years receiving the designation Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner (CVPP) in November 2013. A typical candidate may take up to eight years to complete the certification process.

Press Release; 10/15/2014
Country Oaks Animal Hospital and Steele Pain Management Center of Palm Harbor proudly announce that Dr. Elizabeth Baird has completed her training and been granted certification in Rehabilitation by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). She is now a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) although she does apply rehabilitation principles to other species such as cats and rabbits also.

The CRI training program puts emphasis on “hands on” work with patients in the classroom in addition to intensive coursework to make the training applicable to everyday patient care. The study involves canine anatomy and physiology, common musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, physical therapy assessment and evaluation techniques, manual therapy, physical modalities, therapeutic exercise and the rehabilitation of neurologically impaired patients. The extensive study and classroom work are followed by a 40 hour internship as well. Dr. Baird completed her internship at the well-known Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Baird is enjoying having this additional training to assist in pain management and recovery in treating pets suffering from osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, sports injuries and other musculoskeletal ailments.

Press Release: 4/1/2015
Country Oaks Animal Hospital and Steele Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center for Animals are proud to announce that Dr. Elizabeth F. Baird, our senior staff veterinarian, has completed yet another challenging post-graduate training program. Dr. Baird is now been certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture through One Health Scientific Integrative Medicine. She spent countless hours of study doing coursework and subsequent examinations in Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians prior to attending her clinical intensive week in Colorado last month. Upon completion of the clinical intensive and final examination, she has been granted certification in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (cVMA).

The program emphasis is gentle and natural healing using the body’s own energy to help with healing while adhering to the firm principles of science and neurology. The evidence-based program emphasizes utilizing acupuncture to address pain management as well as other health problems in a wide array of animal species. Dr. Baird is very excited to have yet another set of tools to assist in the management of pain and disability in our companion animals.


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Dr. Kristine Aviles, DVM – Senior Clinician, Emergency Service

Kristine Aviles, DVM started part time work with us in early 2014. She graduated from the University of Florida with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and her Bachelor of Science. She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in epidemiology. Dr. Aviles completed a year-long internship at BluePearl in Florida during which she rotated through all the specialty services. After she completed her internship, Dr. Aviles worked for BluePearl in Chicago as an emergency doctor and then returned to the BluePearl hospitals in the Sunshine State in 2013. She transitioned into general practice in 2014. In addition to general and emergency medicine, she has a special interest in aquatic animal medicine and has been fortunate enough to experience working with aquatic animals in an aquarium setting as well as in the wild. Out of the office, Dr. Aviles enjoys traveling both within the U.S. as well as internationally. She is a huge Gator fan and loves watching all Gator sports. She also enjoys spending as much time as she can by the water, and spending time with her friends and large, extended family including her cats, Cleopatra, Chino and Capricorn.

Dr. Francis Cipullo, DVM

Dr. Cipullo is from Hialeah, Florida, however, he considers Ellijay, GA his home where he owned his own practice for many years. He works in North Georgia and North Carolina. Dr. Cipullo attended Hialeah High School, Miami-Dade Community College, and the University of Florida where he completed Vet school. He has completed internships at the National Cancer Institute and the Miami Metro Zoo. Dr. Cipullo is licensed in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and California. He consistently makes frequent trips to the Tampa Bay area for relief work at several practices. Not only do we get his unique experience and vast knowledge of species ranging from small animals to exotics to zoological animals, but he is a rare breed and a delight to work with. He is very appreciative, always motivates the employees, and inspires our inquisitive natures by openly inviting questions and never missing an opportunity to teach the staff new things. His favorite patients include Capuchin monkeys, parrots, giraffes, lemurs, sloths, elk, cougars, and gorillas.

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Dr. Linda Jack, DVM

Dr. Linda Jack has been helping people and their pets since graduating from North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Dr. Jack was born on an Air Force base in Florida and returned to live in the Tampa Bay area in the spring of 2015. Dr. Jack’s first best friend was a beagle she met more than 40 years ago; since then her pet “family” has included many dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles and guinea pigs. Veterinary medicine is Dr. Jack’s second career. She graduated with honors in 1982 from Manhattanville College and spent many years traveling, performing and teaching as a professional musician, Christian worship leader and award-winning songwriter based in New York, Boston and Nashville. In 1998, satisfied with one successful career, she decided to pursue her passion for animals full-time and began her study of veterinary medicine. She currently lives with two dogs and two cats, all rescues. She is a member of several veterinary organizations and a legacy member of the World Wildlife Fund.


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Elizabeth “Libby” Lyttle-Bryant, CVT – Certified Veterinary Technician

Libby has been in the veterinary field since 2009 where she started working as a kennel technician. Though she’s always had a love for all types of animals, she quickly learned that veterinary technology would be her calling. She started calling Country Oaks Animal Hospital her home in 2011 and since then has made many strides in her veterinary career. In 2013, she graduated from St. Petersburg College with her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and obtained her veterinary technician certification through the Florida Veterinary Technician Association. She recently completed her Bachelor’s degree with combined focus on both clinical medicine and practice management, and graduated in December of 2015. Over the course of her college career she received the Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association award in 2013 and 2015 and became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. Her passions in the field include behavior, emergency/critical care, integrative medicine, and rehabilitation. She is looking into specializing in emergency/critical care or clinical medicine before obtaining her practice management certificate after taking some time to polish off her clinical skills. Aside from school and work, she enjoys spending time with her Lab Mix, Apollo, playing ball or going to the dog park, or traveling to the Smokey Mountains. She adores hedgehogs, French Bulldogs, and her two-year-old niece, Harper.

Sarah Kelley – Kennel Technician/Veterinary Technician Assistant

I moved to Florida in August 2016 from Salisbury, Maryland. I am attending St. Petersburg College and will be in the Veterinary Technician program this semester. I have always been interested in animals. At home I have two horses and a black Labrador. I have been working horses for 12 years. I spend a lot of my spare time at the farm or at the beach.

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Val Flinner – Veterinary Assistant

Val is originally from Wooster Ohio. She moved to Florida with her family at age 9. She started in the veterinary field after graduating from Largo high school in 1978. Given her 37 years of experience she is ready to help our clients and provide old and new ways to treat your pets. When she’s not at work you’ll find her fishing, in the garden or watching the football game.

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Valerie Curry – Veterinary Assistant, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant

Valerie started working at COAH in 2012. She received her A.A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology at Northern Virginia Community College in 2007 and her B.A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology at St. Petersburg Community College in 2011. Her area of interest is Canine Rehabilitation. She completed her internship and obtained her certification as our rehabilitation assistant in late 2015. Valerie enjoys boating/fishing and attending Bucs and Rays games with her husband. They have two “fur babies” Emma a 7-year-old Lab mix and Lady a 12-year-old mix breed. Valerie’s favorite dogs are Chihuahuas – she LOVES Chihuahuas. She is also a big Gator Fan and always loves supporting our Tampa teams.


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Suzanne Ames – Receptionist

Suzanne has been with Country Oaks Animal Hospital since before Dr. Baird bought the practice in 2003. She has watched many of our clients and their children grow throughout the years and have always cherished her part in their journey. She is a very active woman since her own kids have grown up and created their own families, and loves to garden. While she does love cats, her passion is German Shepherd Dogs and is an advocate for lifelong training with her dogs. She has been known to work on agility and search and rescue teams with her “pack” throughout her life. Suzanne retired in January of 2017 due to health concerns. We sadly share that Suzanne died peacefully just a few months after she retired. She will always be a part of Country Oaks in spirit and she is sorely missed by us all.

Denia Argueta “Dee”- Receptionist

Denia is from San Francisco, CA. She started working with animals when she was 15 years old. She graduated from Skyline College in San Bruno, CA receiving her AA degree in small business and later received a certificate in medical billing and coding. Denia moved down to Florida back in 2008. She has been a receptionist for the past 12 years. Her ultimate goal in this field is to become a practice manager. She has two cats Milana and Zoe. She enjoys reading, watching sports and being outdoors. Denia had her first child this past October, a beautiful baby boy.

Lori Peet, Receptionist

Lori is originally from Michigan. She has been in Florida for 11 years. Lori has been working in animal hospitals since 1984. Lori has two beautiful grandchildren- Jaxon 11 year old and Jillian 8 years old. Lori has two Shi Tzu’s named Ricky and Martha and a cat named Loretta. In her spare time Lori likes to garden and bake goodies for the office.

Bethany Grubbs- Receptionist/Assistant

Bethany was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Florida when she started high school. She will forever be a die-hard Buckeyes fan. Bethany has three fur babies: a lab named Mocha and two cats, Reese and Noodle. She currently is a student in St. Petersburg College’s Veterinary Technician program. Eventually, she would like to be a veterinarian. Bethany is excited and prepared for the long road ahead!


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Adina Hershkowitz – Kennel Technician

Adina Hershkowitz has been a Kennel Technician at Country Oaks Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel for over two years. Adina attends the University of Florida, where she is a Biology Major. After graduating she plans to attend veterinary school. Adina has participated in marching and concert bands for 6 years, and is now in her second season of the award winning Gator Band at the University of Florida. Adina is also a member of the Exotic Animal Club at UF. Adina has been riding and caring for horses for 8 years, and plans to join the UF Equestrian Team. In her spare time, Adina can be seen with a camera in hand and has even made her own small business, HershkoPics. In addition, Adina enjoys riding ATV’s with her family and learning archery.

Anna Ruales- Kennel Technician

Anna has a dog named Jackie and two guinea pigs named Daisy and Lilly. She attends the Veterinary Science Academy at Tarpon Springs High. She later plans to attend the University of Florida for 9 years and receive her doctorates in Veterinary Medicine.

Eric Paulik – Kennel Technician

Eric has had an affinity for animals since the beginning and has worked in animal shelters for a few years. Balancing a love for animals of all kinds and a love of technology of all sorts, he is currently studying on his off days to be certified in the IT field. When not working or studying he can be found reading, camping, enjoying video games, tinkering with any manner of electronics, and making chainmaille jewelry. He also loves spoiling his polydactyl kitten every chance he gets.

Jodi Osgood- Kennel Technician

Jodi was born and raised in Florida with one older sibling. She hopes to attend University of Florida after high school. Jodi is currently attending the veterinary Science Academy at Tarpon Springs High School. Jodi owns four dogs at home, three Golden Retrievers and one mixed breed. She also has five birds and a sugar glider.

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