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Cytopoint® is a revolutionary new treatment for Canine Atopy, or allergic skin disease caused by environmental triggers usch as grass and tree pollen and house dust mite. Cytopoint® interferes with the inflammatory cycle, thereby preventing the itch that is the hallmark of allergic dermatitis. It is not a traditional pharmaceutical drug but rather a biologic product – it is a monoclonal antibody that binds at the appropriate receptor to help prevent itching without the use of traditional drugs. One injection can provide itch relief for 4 to 8 weeks with minimal risk of side effects.

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Galliprant® is an anti-inflammatory in the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory family (an NSAID), but with a new twist. Galliprant interferes and interrupts the inflammatory cycle of arthritis that causes chronic pain at a more targeted point in the cycle than the previous NSAID type drugs. It is terrifically safe and effective and easily dosed to provide rapid and effective pain relief with a lower risk of adverse effects. In fact, the safety studies were performed with 15 times the normal dose!

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Nexgard® is a new oral medication that provides monthly flea and tick control for dogs, the first product to protect from both parasites in one flavored chew tab. And it actually tastes good as well as being very effective. Just don’t forget your monthly heartworm preventive, as heartworms are deadly and are not prevented by this product. You may safely combine it with any of the popular prescription heartworm preventives. It is made by the manufacturers of Heartgard®.


Apoquel®is an exciting new medication for the treatment of allergy in dogs. It is a much safer alternative to cortisone that can be given long term if needed. Field trials have revealed no significant side effects and excellent control for itching. While there may be more appropriate choices for extended control in the severely affected dogs with atopy, this is a great option for seasonal allergies in dogs. Sorry, it’s not approved yet for cats.

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