How we can help those less fortunate…..

The VCF is a non-profit group that manages donations for veterinary care. The administration fees are paid by the member veterinarians, so 100% of the charitable donations go directly to provide veterinary care for needy pets. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are also tax deductible.

You can direct those funds be applied directly to a fund to be used only to help patients at Country Oaks Animal Hospital or to a general fund. By directing the donation to this hospital, you are contributing to help your neighbors. Country Oaks and our generous employees donate to this fund every month to help provide care for those less fortunate.

The foundation accepts requests for funds from the veterinary hospital account and then releases them based on whether it appears to be appropriate use of the donated funds. What a great way to help pets locally and know that every penny you donate goes straight to help needy pets!

To learn more, simply go to the Veterinary Care Foundation web site or click here to donate.

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