Our updated surgical suite allows us to perform a wide range of surgical services from routine spay/neuter procedures to major abdominal surgery, tumor removal, eye surgery, and other more complex surgical procedures.

In addition to traditional surgery, we also have radiocautery and a state-of-the-art CO2 Laser Surgery Unit that allows surgery with less bleeding, less swelling and reduced postoperative discomfort for our patients.

We use the safest and most modern anesthetics available to provide your pet an increased margin of safety and comfort during surgical procedures. Each anesthetic plan is individualized for the patient based on their age, risk factors and the procedure being performed.


Special attention is paid to managing any potential pain and preventing pain, discomfort and stress before, during and after the procedure.


Using our state-of-the-art equipment, the patient’s vital signs are monitored constantly during all anesthetic procedures. In addition to direct observation of respirations, heart rate, temperature and perfusion by our trained technicians, we utilize pulse oximetry, capnography, electrocardiography and high tech blood pressure units to monitor our anesthetized patients throughout every anesthetic procedure.

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