As we all know, cats are different. This page is dedicated to all our furry feline friends, in all their many moods. From mischievious to defiant, cuddly to curious, we celebrate the fabulous feline and all she brings to our lives.

Image00089Links to Cat-Oriented Sites
The Cat Site
The Indoor Cat Initiative
Feline Advisory Board
Friends of Alley Cats
Urine Odor Remover
Absolutely Cats
Feliway Info for Behavior Concerns
Cat Fancier’s Association
More Cat Fancier’s
Cornell Feline Health Center
The Winn Feline Foundation
Giving Oral Medications to Cats
Giving Liquid Medications to Cats
Trimming kitty nails (feline pedicure!)
Feline Diabetes Information
Cat Breeds & Descriptions
Healthy Living for Indoor Cats
Image00085Chronic Renal Failure Information

Shopping Sites of Interest
Self-cleaning litterboxes
Litterboxes and Accessories
Steps for Kitties with Arthritis
Litter Disposal (similar to Diaper Champ)
Another Litter Disposal System
Interesting New Cat Products
Wonderful Cat Furniture
Pet Transport Service
Furniture Quality Boxes to hide the litterbox
Exercise Wheel for Cats