dvm2 (6)Specialized services in pain management are offered through our pain and rehabilitation center. Dr. Baird is certified in pain management, in canine rehabilitation and in veterinary medical acupuncture. She is one of only a few people in the world with this combination of pain oriented specialty post-graduate training. We offer a variety of approaches to the management of pain, with each patient receiving a protocol customized to their specific situation and medical needs. Acute pain is often treated much differently from chronic pain and every patient has different individual needs. The most successful pain management typically comes from the use of various treatment types combined to maximize response. The list below includes some of the treatment modalities utilized at our pain and rehabilitation center.

  • Pharmacologic therapy: this may include a variety of medications from different categories of analgesics based on the type of pain encountered
  • Nutritional therapy: this may include supplements and or diets to promote joint health in chronic arthritis or controlled diet for weight loss
  • Laser Therapy: a very useful treatment option for both acute and chronic pain with little worry about side effects
  • Manual therapies: may include massage, joint mobilizations, stretching and other manual techniques
  • Rehabilitation techniques: this includes the use of a TENS & NMES units and a variety of physiotherapy tools including  to aid in stretching and rebuilding muscle in debilitated or injured animals as well as post-operative patients.
  • Acupuncture: a very useful tool in the management of pain in pets

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