The Country Oaks Animal Hospital Online Store is now open
You may visit our online store and pharmacy 24/7 for prescription foods and pharmaceuticals as well as many non-prescription items. The link for the pharmacy is

The store currently stocks a variety of prescription products such as heartworm preventives (Heartgard, Trifexis, Revolution, Sentinel, etc), flea and tick preventives (Comfortis, Revolution, Advantix, Vectra, Activyl, Bravecto, etc) and non-prescription flea and tick products, medicated shampoos, nutritional supplements and other items for your pet’s health and welfare. All orders of $45 and above ship free.


Our online store also carries all the major brands of prescription diets for home delivery including Royal Canin, Hill’s, Iams Veterinary Diets and Purina Vet Diets. Royal Canin only charges $3.99 for home delivery of food regardless of weight! Several quality non-prescription diets are available as well.

If the item requires veterinary approval to ship (most prescription products), we will have your selection reviewed for shipping within 12 hours (on business days) to expedite processing your order. If there is any problem with the order, we will let you know promptly. Most items are shipped within 24-48 hours of order receipt.

If you need something not available in our online store, please just give us a call (785-6524). If we have it in stock at the hospital, we can mail it to you directly by Priority Mail, so you may still enjoy home delivery.

Some products available in the online store may qualify for rebate or free dose programs. We will still honor these promotions on purchases made in the online store within 30 days.  Please drop by the hospital with your online store receipt so we may complete the appropriate coupons and give you your free dose or doses on the spot. Many popular heartworm preventives and flea products have promotions at this time.

All items purchased through our online store come from the original manufacturers which eliminates the risk of counterfeit or foreign branded products. All manufacturers’ guarantees are valid with purchases through our online pharmacy just as they would be if purchased at our hospital.

We hope you enjoy the convenience of home delivery via our online store!