Suzanne Ames - Receptionist

Suzanne Ames



Suzanne has been with Country Oaks Animal Hospital since before Dr. Baird bought the practice in 2003. She has watched many of our clients and their children grow throughout the years and have always cherished her part in their journey.

She is a very active woman since her own kids have grown up and created their own families, and loves to garden. While she does love cats, her passion is German Shepherd Dogs and is an advocate for lifelong training with her dogs.

She has been known to work on agility and search and rescue teams with her “pack” throughout her life.

Suzanne retired in January of 2017 due to health concerns. We sadly share that Suzanne passed away just a few months after she retired. She will always be a part of Country Oaks in spirit and she is sorely missed by us all.