dvm (10)Our hospital is equipped with state of the art diagnostic medical equipment to monitor blood pressure levels, detect glaucoma and examine and photograph ear canals with a specialized fiber optic otoscope. We have full digital x-ray for general radiology and a specialized digital x-ray generator just for dental x-ray to diagnose oral and dental problems. We have in house laboratory for urgent issues and also utilize a large commercial laboratory for rapid and economical testing of blood, urine and other specimens for quick and accurate lab results.

We will be happy to refer you to a veterinary specialist should your pet require any diagnostic service that we cannot safely and comfortably provide in our hospital. We have a cardiologist visit us monthly to provide echocardiography for patients with heart disease or we can refer to a cardiologist in Tampa for more urgent care. We use an on-call radiology consultation service to allow evaluation of x-rays by a board certified veterinary radiologist when needed. We can also transmit our electrocardiograms for interpretation by a board certified cardiologist. We refer to, and consult with, specialists who provide MRI, CT Scans, cataract surgery, cancer radiation treatment, neurosurgery and I-131 therapy for hyperthyroidism, as well as diagnostics and treatment for most unusual or exotic medical or surgical conditions.