We are now offering reproductive services for refined, conscientious breeders of high quality dogs. Our goal is to facilitate the management of reproduction in that small percentage of dogs who are destined to improve the breed.

As breeding is an expensive process that involves precise timing, our object is to maximize your breeding success through the use of veterinary science. While ovulation timing is the most critical factor, management of the male and proper insemination is also critical. We currently offer collection & evaluation of fresh semen and/or the preparation chilled extended semen to be shipped elsewhere. We provide both vaginal insemination for fresh and fresh extended semen and surgical insemination for frozen semen. We are not currently set up for onsite freezing of semen, but may add that service in the future. We also believe that managing the dam before and during gestation are important factors in maximizing success with each litter.

If you own the dam, we recommend setting up a pre-breeding consultation so we may evaluate the dam and discuss your goals for the breeding so we can begin planning well before she even begins estrus. We do recommend choosing a back up sire should any problems arise with your first selection. If you are considering Cesarean section, this requires additional planning.

Since the timing is so critical, we can better formulate a strategy for your special breeding by outlining a breeding plan in advance. This also gives you an opportunity to become acquainted with our veterinarian and our reproduction tech and answer any questions you may have about the planned breeding.