NexGardNexgard® is a new oral medication that provides monthly flea and tick control for dogs, the first product to protect from both parasites in one flavored chew tab. And it actually tastes good as well as being very effective. Just don’t forget your monthly heartworm preventive, as heartworms are deadly and are not prevented by this product. You may safely combine it with any of the popular prescription heartworm preventives. It is made by the manufacturers of Heartgard®.

Apoquel®is an exciting new medication for the treatment of allergy in dogs. It is a much safer alternative to cortisone that can be given long term if needed. Field trials have revealed no significant side effects and excellent control for itching. While there may be more appropriate choices for extended control in the severely affected dogs with atopy, this is a great option for seasonal allergies in dogs. Sorry, it’s not approved yet for cats.


Trifexis_Logo_150Trifexis® is a great product that provides three kinds of parasite protection in one chewable monthly pill. It provides protection for heartworms, fleas and several intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms & whipworms). Lots of protection in one simple pill…

urineawayUrine Away® is a new urine odor removal product. Many older products are enzyme based and are inactivated when detergents or householder cleansers are used. Urine Away works even if disinfectants and cleansers have already been used. It binds to the urine molecules to remove odor and stains. It is said to be very safe, non-toxic & biodegradable.

ALLERDERM® Spot-On Skin Lipid Complex: Easy-to-use therapy that helps repair and restore your dog?s protective skin barrier. Contains a blend of fatty acids similar to those found in normal, healthy skin.

allerdermDermSpotOnThe easy-to-use topical barrier repair therapy.
ALLERDERM SPOT-ON Skin Lipid Complex is formulated for use in topical skin care for dogs and cats with damaged or compromised skin. It is formulated to provide adjunct therapy for pets with skin disease.

Proven to help repair and restore the epidermal barrier in canine and feline patients suffering from skin disease.

Moisturizes and protects skin. Contains Skin Lipid Complex, an exclusive blend of ceramides and fatty acids similar to those found in normal, healthy feline and canine skin.

Convenient, simple topical therapy. Administration requires only a few drops from a small, easy-to-use applicator.